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The new Evian film


You've watched the new advertisement of Evian, do not watch it now here.
The new film is very funny and very interesting, people who see themselves as children in the mirror. Worth seeing!

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5 Easy Christmas Eve Dinner Recipes

Our big Christmas dinner is always on Christmas day, but on Christmas Eve my wife and me, along with my immediate family, get together to eat and enjoy time together. In the past, our menu would consist of "finger foods" in cheese dip, cheesy bacon bites, cocktail weenies, cookies, etc.
Thinking for something cheap and easy to make, you don't want to spend your entire Christmas Eve in the kitchen. If you would like to steer away from finger foods, and actually just have a good, filling meal, so...
What should you make for Christmas Eve dinner?
Here I selected 5 Easy Christmas Eve Dinner Recipes suggestions for your menu.

Bacon-Cheddar Meatloaf Recipe
A bite of this meatloaf tastes like a bacon cheeseburger without the bun. Ground beef is mixed with sharp cheddar, grated onion, garlic, and ketchup; formed into a loaf; and covered with bacon slices. After it’s baked, a quick broil makes the bacon on top extra crispy. The whole thing’s so easy you’ll have time to spare, which you could use to make homemade potato tots to serve on the side.
Get the recipe for Bacon-Cheddar Meatloaf Recipe.

Roast lamb with mint sauce
Buy your lamb from a quality butcher for a really succulent and tender result - try your hand at Roopa Gulati's roast - too good to save just for Sunday lunches.
Prep time: 15 min.
Cook time: 2 hrs.

Get the recipe for Roast lamb with mint sauce

Pernil Asado (Roast Pork Shoulder)
No Puerto Rican christmas is complete without Pernil Asado, roast pork shoulder that is slow roasted and seasoned to perfection with spices like garlic, oregano, orange juice, olive oil and cumin.

We adapted the recipe for lechón, a roasted whole pig, for pork shoulder. This recipe first appeared in our December 2011 issue along with Kathleen Squires's story Island Holiday.

Get the recipe for Pernil Asado (Roast Pork Shoulder)

Pippa Middleton's Boxing Day ham
Pippa Middleton's Boxing Day ham
This succulent Boxing Day ham is a favourite of Pippa Middleton. Oozing with flavour and cooked in apple juice and cider, this sweet ham is perfect for Christmas or a Sunday roast alternative.
Serves: 8-12 - Prep time: 10 mins - Cooking time: 2 hrs 55 mins.

Get the recipe for Pippa Middleton's Boxing Day ham 

Easy Spinach Lasagna Recipe
Making a proper lasagna is all about a harmonious ratio of filling, cheese, sauce, and noodles. For this spinach and cheese version we’ve skipped the béchamel sauce found in traditional lasagnas to make the dish fast and easy to assemble. Combine frozen spinach, Parmesan cheese, ricotta cheese, and an egg for the filling and layer it with sauce, noodles, and mozzarella cheese.
Get the recipe for Easy Spinach Lasagna

Well, there is my participation in your Christmas dinner :-), thanks for reading this article and I wish you and the whole family a MERRY CHRISTMAS.
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Marinated Barbecue Skewers Recipe


Skewers are good fun for roasting and grilling. One can get very creative with barbeque sauces and enjoy the vegetable and the meat to the fullest. A well cooked recipe fills the nose with great scents leading to only more excitement.  Make sure all the ingredients on the skewer are trimmed well, so they can cook at the same rate. Often it can get clumsy if not put together well.

Marinated Barbecue Skewers Recipe from TheGrillMan
1 kg meat (Topside,Inside) into small cubes.


  • 1 cup (tea) oil
  • 1 cup (tea) water
  • 6 cloves garlic, crushed
  • ½ cup (tea) chopped green smell
  • 1 spoon (soup) salt


Place the seasoning ingredients in a bowl, mix and add the meat.
Mix again and leave to marinate for 1 hour.
Stick the pieces of meat on skewers and grill over coals or on the plate.
Go slowly, basting with the sauce from the marinade the skewers so that they are always tender and moist.

Additional Information:
Please also skewers of pork. Use this if eating pork into cubes and add 1 teaspoon seasoning (soup) of cardamom. And to make kabobs use chicken thigh pieces, adding 1 tablespoon seasoning (soup) of curry.

Recipe from TETE
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Corinthians wins Chelsea (ING) is Two-time champion and World Club Cup


Corinthians wins Chelsea in thegrillman.blogspot.com
On Sunday morning, the International Stadium Yokohama in Japan, came the grand finale of the FIFA Club World Cup. Corinthians beat Chelsea (ING) by 1-0 and won the title of FIFA Club World Cup 2012.

Seeking the second title in its history, Corinthians, who reached the final after beating Al Ahy of Egypt by 1-0, started the match well posted in defense, trying to contain the momentum of the English attack, that haunted corintiana defense.

At 10 minutes after a corner kick, Cassio performs miracle to defend on the line of the kick Gary Cahil burning clothes.

After the first shock, Corinthians went on to play the ball and approaching the English area. Paulinho finish from outside the area to 19, but the ball goes up too.

Chelsea, who beat Monterrey of Mexico by 3-1 in the semifinals, showed good touch of the ball, but the Corinthians fell with danger and balanced the game.

Corinthians loses good chance at 28 after failed defense of Chelsea and finalize Emerson over the English goal.

Moses receives major release back Fabio Santos at 32, but is disarmed by Paul Andrew. At 34, Guerrero hit cross, Emerson comes from the left, but knocks out flush against the left post from Chelsea.

Torres dominates the field at 37, ends with danger and Cassius, once again saves the Corinthians. At 38, Cassio and diverts all stretches out the finish unerring Moses. Cassio becomes the highlight of the first half!

The England midfielder Juan Mata grabs the rebound on 40 minutes and finishes off the edge of the area, but Cassio new defense practice.

The final step begins with much marking on both sides and determination. At eight minutes, Cassio leaves the feet of Hazard and avoids the England striker's finish.

At 18, Guerrero dominates the entrance area and serves on the half Paulinho hitting creeping right, looking left corner of goalkeeper Peter Chech.

Corinthians opened the scoring after 23 minutes and the crowd goes into a frenzy alvinegra the International Stadium Yokohama. Paulinho serves Danilo in the penalty area, the midfielder takes the back four and he concludes. On the rebound, Guerrero pops free and nods into the goal from Chelsea. Corinthians 1-0.

The Corinthians is playing the ball and Chelsea became disorganized. The "giant" Cassio is another miracle on 40 minutes and again saves the Corinthians. Fernando Torres dominates the small area and knocks over the goalkeeper Corinthians.

The Corinthians managed to withstand the pressure from Chelsea until the final whistle and left the field with the title of Champion Club World Cup 2012.


Corinthians 1 x 0 Chelsea (ING)

Corinthians:  Cassio; Alessandro, Chicao, Paulo André and Fabio Santos; Ralf, Paulinho, Danilo; Emerson (Wallace), Jorge Henrique and Paolo Guerrero (Juan Martinez). Technician:  Tite.

Chelsea (ING):  Peter Chech; Ivanovic (Aspilicueta), Gary Cahill, David Luiz, Ashley Cole, Lampard, Ramires, Juan Mata, Victor Moses (Oscar) and Hazard (Marko Marin); Fernando Torres.  Technician:  Rafa Benítez.

Referee:  Cuneyt Cakir (TUR) Assistants:  Bahattin Duran and Tarik Ongun (TUR) Venue:  International Stadium Yokohama in Yokohama (JAP) Date:  Sunday, 16, at 8:30 am (GMT).

Goals: Guerrero (COR), 24 minutes 2Q;
CA: Jorge Henrique (COR);
CV: Gary Cahill (CHE)

Source: Federação Paulista de Futebol

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Recipe for Grilled Pizza

Recipe for Grilled Pizza thegrillman.blogspot.com

Crust Ingredients

  • 4 1/2 cups unbleached bread fl our
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 1 teaspoon instant yeast
  • 1 3/4 cup ice water

When you adjust the water/flour remember that after the dough is mixed it’s almost impossible to add more water, but it’s easy to add flour. Err on the side of sticky.

We use spray oil a lot. It’s handy and doesn't affect the flavor at all.

It seems like a long time in the refrigerator, but you’ll notice the difference in flavor. This long rest brings out great taste and texture from the flour. The best pizza crust I ever ate is made from a low protein fl our, a small amount of yeast and a three day rise in the refrigerator.

When you are grilling, you can reuse the same sheet of foil for each pizza, but if you are feeding a crowd, you want everything rolled out, oiled and ready to go because the grilling process is hectic and requires close attention.
Image courtesy of Suat Eman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Form the crust
Grilled Pizza by thegrillman.blogspot.com1 - Combine the flour, salt and yeast in the bowl of your mixer. Add the ice water as you start the mixer on medium with the dough hook. Mix for seven minutes on medium speed. Adjust the wetness of the dough by watching how it sticks to the bowl. It should look like this photo by sticking at the bottom, but releasing from the sides. Add small amounts of either fl our or water until it looks like this. 

2 - Form the dough into six pursed balls. Place them on a cookie sheet lined with oiled parchment paper. Brush or spray them with olive oil and cover with plastic wrap. Place this pan in the refrigerator overnight; or at least 12 hours. Yes twelve hours! 

3 - Remove the dough balls from the refrigerator two hours before you are going to be grilling so they warm up to room temperature. Flatten them out with your hands and let them rest for five minutes. Roll them out with a floured rolling pin. It’s a sticky dough, so don’t be afraid to use a lot of fl our. Start with nothing thinner than 1/4” until you have tried it a few times.

4 - Put each crust on an oiled sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil, then oil the top of each round before they go on the grill.


Grilled Pizza by thegrillman.blogspot.com
1 - Everything in it’s right place before you start:
A thick bed of charcoal under half the cooking grate. Grate hot and oiled. Heat lever all the way down. All ingredients handy and organized. Think through your mise en place because it’s about to get wild.

2 - This is the tricky part. Slide the foil with a crust over onto the grate foil side down. Flip it over so the crust ends up oiled side down on the hot direct heat side of the grate. You will screw this up the first time you try it, so plan on throwing the first one away. Success depends on how thick you have rolled the crust,
dexterity and luck. Start out thick and small until you get the hang of it.

3 - When the bottom is crisp and the top is bubbly, flip it over and move it to the right (indirect) side of the grill.

4 - Add your toppings. Garlic first, then sauce, then meat and vegetables, then cheeses, then basil. Close the cover and watch for a temperature greater than 450 until the cheeses are melted. If you can’t get to at least
450 you need more charcoal. If you are using lump, you may only get three pizzas before you have to reload.

5 - Open the cover and check the bottom of the crust. If it’s not crisp and browned, slide it directly over the coals until it’s how you like it.

Basic Toppings

  1. Chopped raw garlic
  2. Thickened canned diced tomatoes
  3. Good cheese (mozzarella, Parmesan)
  4. Chopped raw basil
  5. Bell peppers (red are the sweetest)
  6. Lightly sauteed meat (Italian sausage)
  7. Good olive oil

When you get good at this, you’ll be able to master a really thin crust without it burning through. Practice for that, and you can back it off to whatever thickness you prefer.

Grilled Pizza by thegrillman.blogspot.com
The crust is the star of this production, not the toppings. Here is how we like the crust to look, razor thin in some spots, thick in others, crunchy edges, chewy middle, slight char.

Credits/Image courtesy of German Grill / German Grill
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